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Liquid Wrap / Dip

Today we have many options when it comes to customizing and painting our vehicles. 


Liquid wrap, more commonly known as "Dip" or "Dipping", is a removable custom coating that not only allows for the same custom colors, pearls, flips and flake "paint" jobs as conventional automotive paints do, but it protects the paint job underneath too. 


The Liquid Wrap can literally be peeled off to go back to the original

paint job, or peel it whenever you are ready to Dip it again and

change it up a bit with a new look.





                                                                             Today's Liquid Wrap rivals factory paint and just about anything that                                                                              you can do in a conventional paint can also be done in a Liquid Wrap                                                                              product. From Matte to High Gloss, Pearls, Candies & Flake are all                                                                                  possible.






                                                            Trim and wheels can also be "Dipped", and "blacking out" trim is a very                                                                            popular application for Liquid Wrap.


Liquid Wrap is a perfect way to customize your leased vehicle, work fleet, daily driver or your dream ride.


The products are less expensive than conventional automotive paints and the prep work for application is drastically reduced, namely in that the Liquid Wrap requires no sanding, only a clean and dry stable surface.


When done right, a Liquid Wrap will last years and

years with proper care and maintenance.



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